Thursday, March 16, 2006

LaTeX pseudocode package

This is the first time I've had to write pseudocode for a paper for university in LaTeX so I took to searching google for a list of such packages. I quickly stumbled upon this web page which contains
the LaTeX package used by the infamous CLRS team to write "Introduction To Algorithms". Seeing as I own a copy of this text book I decided it might be a good idea to use their pseudocode style, as I've always found it very readable.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that I was very happy with the package, the documentation that is contained on the web site got my writing my pseudocode real quickly. If you're looking for a LaTeX pseudocode pacakge, I'd definately recommend this one.

I also like a lot the "pseudocode" package . Makes a bit more 2D-ish code
Thanks a million, you saved my day!!!
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