Thursday, May 11, 2006

I need to get away from this computer

Well, I'm supposed to be revising this week but instead I've spent the entire day sat in front of my computer working on two games.

The first is the remnants of a project for university, a Texas Hold 'Em game written with Python. I've decided to continue its development and even make it network-based. Of course, adding network functionality to an existing project, but thusfar it's been fine. I've looked into a few things and I think I'm gonna just Twisted. It may take a little work because I still need to basically change the entire architecture, passing all commands through a Game Connection. Oh well..

And the second game I'm working on is a detective game. It's only a simple 2D game (yes, written in Python) where a character can move from room to room picking up clues and solving mysteries. I've got a room rendered on screen now and am just working something together to allow the player to move between rooms easily.

If either of these projects become useful I may stick them on

Now, I really have to do some studying, bye!

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