Monday, May 08, 2006

Summer Of Code

Well I tried posting here the other day but started going all screwy and timing out. Not much fun I can tell you. Eventually I gave up, but I thought I'd might as well post today what I meant to post the other day.

Google SUMMER OF CODE! I've written two proposals,

1. A compressed cache for NetBSD's UVM (blogged about earlier)
2. Adding some features for Python's debugger (Pdb)

I've had positive feedback on both of these and seeing as today is the last day for applications the coming events are placed in the hands of the powers-that-be. I actually had to change my 2nd proposal because the features I said I would write were already written in a package call pydb, the author of this package contacted me and told me so :P. Rocky was (the author) very helpful in fact and gave me ideas of other things that I could implement that were lacking in pdb, such as:

- Debugging threads
- Debugging from another process
- Remote debugging

all of which sound super cool. So fingers crossed that I actually get to spend my summer doing something worthwhile!

Also looked at the tcsh man page yesterday and found its got a load of features that I never knew about. Spent most of yesterday playing with them :D

Well, more studying before the exams at university.

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