Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pydb, unit tests and file descriptors

Unfortunately, the first topic of this post is an annoying one. I couldn't access www.blogger.com
_again_ the other day, and if this happens I'm going to move my blog to someone who can provide
a half-decent service.

Right, anyway, there's been a few developments over the past few days. I've started to write up
some unit tests mainly to test the connection classes to make sure that they work by themselves.
This is a key idea that the connection classes that we've provided should be 'generic' to the
extent that they can be used for other projects.

Also, I'm now using pydb on top of pdb. Pydb is the Extended Python Debugger and is written by
Rocky Bernstein. It provides some excellent enhancements to pdb's features and whilst my project
aims to do the same, it does so with different goals in mind.

I've also come across another design decision. How do I get the debugger client to send its
commands to the server? I could override some of the pydb methods so that all the commands typed
on the stdin of the client are sent to the server, but what if some of the commands being typed
should be run on client-side? This is something I'm gonna have to think about tomorrow.

Anyway, time for bed for me..

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