Saturday, June 24, 2006

Week 5

Well this is week 5 and I'm currently working on thread debugging (I changed the order in my proposal but the times are still the same). Committed some code this morning to allow a user to call with a switch specifying either a target to connect to or a pdbserver instance to start. Also got the code working to set up thread debugging, i.e. setting up our tracer object for each thread that follows the threads execution. When I'm eventually done you'll be able to set break points and inspect frames, all the usual cool shizzle.

Although I did make a horrible discovery. It seems that the unit tests I had written for the mpdb module were passing purely by 'coincidence' and shouldn't have been passing at all. It was a problem with the way I'd written the code to set up a pdbserver and connect a client debugger to it. It's actually still not fixed, as I don't have time tonight. But I'll trying to fix it tomorrow.

Also checkout the README.txt sandbox/trunk/pdb for things left 'todo'.

Keep it up.
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